I feel like “Monster High” is one of the best examples of an idea that was so full of potential, but unfortunately just became…stupid. If you’re not familiar with the brand, or simply don’t know the story let me tell you. “Monster High” started as a bunch of young teen character dolls with no real back story other than the tag “daughter/son of ‘insert classic horror monster’”. In my opinion the dolls themselves are really interesting! Their designs are clever, and each of them are beautifully made! I’ve never been a fan of dolls, even as a child (bc wow barbies are BORING), but the first time I saw a Monster High doll I was immediately drawn to their interesting designs which featured for the first time in a product intentioned for young girls: stitches,two different colored eyes, animal parts (like wolf ears or snake hair), etc. Monster High’s slogan is “Be unique, be yourself, be a monster” which I really loved! What great advice to give to young girls! I was so I infatuated with the design and idea of these dolls I even considered making fan art. When I found out there was a mini cartoon series made I decided to take a look. I thought it would make my fan art better to see what each characters’ personality was like, and I also just wanted to watch it THESE CHARACTERS LOOKED SO COOL! So I watched the first episode. It was /awful/. For a brand that boasts about how “being different is awesome” it seemed to actually mean “being different is awesome as long as you’re a cheerleader with a boyfriend who loves Justin Beiber”. In the school every main character is basically exactly alike in personalities and interests, and if they aren’t they’re shunned, given no lines, and poorly designed in comparison to the “popular” characters. Which, according to Monster High, are the only characters worth being. The main characters pay no attention in classes, and make fun of the one character who does. The only character who is considered smart is drawn hunched, and never speaks. Her role only really comes to play as the slave of the “popular” girl. All in all the entire brand became infuriating to me. I tried not to judge simply based on one episode so I tried watching the movies and other eps, but it was all the same: be popular, be a cheerleader, there’s only one musical artist to love, make up is more important than an education, etc. and if you disagree with any of that you better at least have a boyfriend. Monster High’s new slogan should be “make sure everybody likes you even if they’re evil bitches. If they don’t like you then get a fucking boyfriend so no one calls you a nerd” Monster High makes me especially angry bc it was such a wasted opportunity! These are the children of famous monsters! There are so many entertaining stories and character quirks that could be made! Discovering Monster High was an insanely disappointing experience.